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Wood Rot and Dry Rot Homemade wood treatments

Wood rot and Dry Rot, killing rot organisms and wood-destroying insects in infested Ethylene glycol and propylene glycol are clear liquids used in antifreeze and Applications may be made to wood structures including decks, fences, steps, 

Ethylene glycol (auto antifreeze) treated wood safey - The

Ethylene glycol, or glycol, readily available as permanent auto antifreeze is the most versatile and effective treating agent for stabilizing wood 

DIY Wood Preservative ~ Non Toxic Propylene Glycol ~ For Garden

30 May 2017 Using propylene glycol as a DIY wood preservative. You don't Why are some mixing borax and Boric Acid in with the antifreeze. I have also 

Anti-Freeze is Not a Green Wood Stabilizer / Rockler How-to

2 May 2006 "Safe" antifreeze, commonly sold as "Sierra" or as RV antifreeze, is a very edible compound called propylene glycol (PG). Green wood is often 

Outdoor Wood Boilers:Should You Use Antifreeze For a Home Boiler?

There are typically a couple of products that fall under this description of propylene glycol antifreeze. One put out by Dow chemical (Dowtherm) and another that 

Cryo-Tek 100 - Non-Toxic Anti-Freeze -55% Virgin Propylene Glycol

Freeze protection for closed-loop hydronic heating and cooling systems in an anti-freeze solution using a 55% virgin (not recycled) propylene glycol with triple 

Cryo-Tek 100 - Non-Toxic Anti-Freeze -70% Virgin - Menards

Cryo-Tek 100 (Non-Toxic Anti-Freeze) - 55 Gallon Drum - freeze protection for hydronic heating and cooling closed-loop systems, most solar heating systems, 

How to Use Propylene Glycol to Prevent Wood Dry Rot | eHow

Propylene glycol is an odorless, colorless compound often found in stores as an environmentally friendly alternative to antifreeze. The liquid is used for a variety 

Recofreeze PG® Fluids - Anti-freeze, windshield wash, solvents

Recochem Inc. offers propylene glycol based Heat Transfer Fluids designed to meet the demands of today's process systems. RECOFREEZE PG® contains 

Repairing Wood Rot. Window Log Cabin Epoxy Repair 603.435

Repairing Wood Rot - DIY Window Epoxy Repair Log Cabins . I have tried several times to epoxy 'fix' spongy, soft rotten wood spots on my outdoor porch deck. .. I excised the rotted wood, saturated all with ethylene glycol antifreeze to kill 


Borates are not used for preservative treatment of wood exposed to repeated wetting, Ethylene glycol is moderately toxic but propylene glycol is a non-toxic 

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17 Feb 2017 The roof combines glulam decking and rigid insulation. (Figure 5). 130 mm glulam decking. 401. 130. 531 ical room, circulates a mixture of food-grade antifreeze. (20% propylene glycol) and water through the network of.