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The Evolution of Insect Resistance to Bt Crops – The Plantwise Blog

Jun 14, 2017 In a longstanding partnership under the Insect Resistant Maize for . to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Bt-resistant Insects not Likely to Be a Problem for Maize Farmers

Nov 17, 2017 Bt-resistant Insects not Likely to Be a Problem for Maize Farmers That's good news for corn farmers like the one from North Carolina who originally found the Cry1F-resistant Subscribe & receive new posts by email 

Pests Can Evolve Resistance to Many Types of Control Methods

Jun 25, 2017 Agricultural pests, such as insects and weeds, can be incredibly adept at developing Now a new study published in Ecology and Evolution shows how insects can develop . Subscribe & receive new posts by email 

How to Set Fence Posts That Won't Rot | The Family Handyman

Here's how to install new ones—and avoid the problems that made your old posts rot. Keep moisture and insects from destroying your cedar fence posts. Print. Share: Instead, use heartwood, because it's denser and more insect-resistant.

GMO Crops Require More Pesticides, Create Resistant Insects

Nov 3, 2017 New research adds to the mountain of evidence that genetically modified crops not only At least 8 populations of insects have developed resistance, with 2 populations resistant to Bt .. Sorry for the posting-hiatus everyone.

Pest resistance to Bt crops - Biology Fortified, Inc.

Apr 4, 2017 The issue of pest resistance to insect resistant Bt crops receives This research finding is bad news because the potential of Next Post.

First Super Weeds, Now Super Insects -- Thanks to Monsanto

May 29, 2017 has led to the creation of "super insects" that are resistant to the pesticide. This new version of Bt corn includes two different Bt genes that are .. other industry insiders are appointed to posts inside the FDA (which gets a 

Insect Resistance Management | CropLife International

News & Views Given the benefits associated with insect protected seed, insect resistance management (IRM) must be a Sign Up for Plant Science Post.

Crop rotation-resistant rootworms have a lot going - News Bureau

Jun 9, 2017 CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — After decades of effort, scientists are finally figuring out how insects develop resistance to environmentally friendly farming 

Another Strike Against GMOs – The Creation of Superbugs and

Mar 31, 2017 the emergence of superweeds and superbugs – plants and insects now resistant to these chemicals. to get these new crops approved, scientists and organizations worry what effect that . Notify me of new posts by email.

Herbicide-Resistant Insects Are Destroying GMO Crops Like Never

Jun 22, 2017 Herbicide-Resistant Insects Are Destroying GMO Crops Like Never Before Her blog is Yoga for the New World. Previous PostNext Post 

Prevention of post-harvest food losses - Central storage - Pest

Various techniques are used to control insect pests in stored produce-from Traditional varieties are usually more resistant to storage pests than new varieties.